How it works – Go Anywhere Location Services

GPS Location

What are Location Services and How Do They Work?

Bedford’s Go Anywhere is equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System) antenna and Location Based Services (LBS) technology that approximate user location, allowing emergency services to find the Bedford Go Anywhere user if they are not able to provide their location to the call centre.


When does Bedford’s Go Anywhere determine location?

There are three instances when Bedford’s Go Anywhere approximates a user’s location, also known as a fix.

  • Interval Fix is when Bedford’s Go Anywhere establishes location at a default interval.
  • Active Call Fix is when Bedford’s Go Anywhere establishes user location during an active call.
  • An active call can be initiated in three ways: the user presses the call button, the call center initiates a call from the device, or a fall automatically triggers a call.


How do the two location technologies work?

Satellite: This is the most accurate means of approximating user location. The GPS antenna inside Bedford’s Go Anywhere scans the sky to receive signals from GPS satellites rotating around the Earth.

LBS or Network: Bedford’s Go Anywhere uses a back‐end service from the network operator to help determine a user’s location during an active call and when satellite fixes are not available. LBS, also referred to as triangulation, works by measuring your approximate location relative to nearby cell towers.