Bedford vs 911

The average time for EMS to reach a victim: 21minutes

Average times 911 puts you on hold: 12%

Time is crucial during a heart attack. Bedford saves time. Here’s how:

It takes dexterity to use a dial pad. Here are some things to be aware of in using Landlines or Cell Phones in emergency situations:

Landline:  Not often very accessible. It takes time to wait for dial tone and press key pads. Phone must be held to ear. Phone may not be charged.

Cell phone: On average it takes: 2 swipes, and 4 button presses to call  911. This takes 9 seconds using both hands in a calm state with full faculties. How long would it take during a heart attack?

911 won’t dispatch EMS before they know what is happening to you. They need to know the nature of the emergency. What if you can’t speak clearly or at all? This step can take up to 3 minutes if you are able to speak. Bedford knows the issue and dispatches EMS directly regardless of your ability to speak. 

Cell Phone GPS is only accurate within 300 meters. Bedford GPS has accuracy within 4 feet. This is especially important if you are away from home.

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