Falls Risk Reduction by Bedford


Falls are the #1 cause of injury to Seniors in Canada.

Studies show that the fear of falling is a factor that by itself contributes greatly to the likelihood of falls. This fear can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that can make your bones and muscles weaker and can also make us move tentative and anxious. The physical and psychological effects of fear can indeed be reduced. For example, Bedford’s Medical Alert services, which are monitored 24/7, can provide significant peace of mind to reduce anxiety and build up the confidence to stay active.

Ways you can reduce your risk of falling:

  • Take your time, don’t rush when walking or getting up
  • Keep stairs and walkways free of clutter, ice or snow
  • Use hand rails and grab bars to keep you steady on your feet
  • Balance your body through good nutrition, hydration, and gentle stretching exercises
  • Get your eye sight checked regularly
  • Put your best foot forward in well-fitting, sturdy shoes
  • Talk to your pharmacist or doctor as some medications may make you prone to dizziness and falling
  • Light up your hallways, stairs, and walkways!
  • Check your home for slipping and tripping hazards
  • Ask for help if you are worried about falling
  • Get a Monitored Bedford Medical Alert Device to give you the peace of mind to get more active


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