Caring for our Seniors by Bedford


Caring for elderly parents takes toll on caregivers:

Seniors over 65 represent 17% of Canadians and our Seniors requiring continuing care will rise by 71% by 2026. Our aging population will live longer, and with strained social services, children of these seniors will often become primary caregivers. This can take a toll.

Reports have shown that many of these caregivers are stressed to the point of breakdown. The time allocated to looking after their parents is estimated to be $27 billion in out of pocket expenses, lost income and vacation time. Many of these caregivers experience worry and guilt for the time they are not able to be there and find it extremely difficult to balance life, work and care giving.

With the advances in 24/7 Medical Alert Monitoring Services, such as Bedford’s GPS location services and new types of automatic fall detection, caregivers and seniors can gain valuable peace of mind.

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