Extra Security for Seniors in Condos by Bedford


The Bedford Medical Alert Team has visited many condos that offer many amenities and a community for residents to enjoy. Neighbours are nearby to share in activities and they can lend a hand if needed. There is also a concierge desk to provide added assistance and security. With independent living and privacy, however, comes the possibility that residents could be in a situation that does not allow them to access their neighbours or concierge should they need help. If you were to experience a fall and could not reach a phone, or if the fall resulted in lost consciousness, a Bedford Medical Alert system could still get you the assistance you need.

At the press of a button, or the automatic detection of a fall, a discreet Bedford system could give you 24/7 access to a trained Bedford Care Responder who speaks to you directly from the device, has all of your contacts and medical history on file, and will get the assistance you need. It doesn’t have to be an emergency situation for you to push your button. Sometimes, you may just want assistance from a neighbour. Whatever the nature of the help required, Bedford will make sure you get it. You will never be alone when you need help.

Please contact us if you would like Bedford to come and speak with Residents of your Condo.

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