Bedford’s Home Freedom Devices:

Bedford knows that there is no place like home.

You may not need  in-home help, however, you may not feel completely secure if you are left on your own. Bedford provides Home Freedom solutions
that can connect with a Bedford Care Responder at the touch of a button should you need help and can detect a fall if you are not able
to press the button. A little peace of mind can make all the difference to your well being.

Bedford Home Freedom® Medical Alerts are a great option for people who are:

  • At risk of falls
  • living with chronic conditions
  • living with limited mobility
  • experiencing visual impairment
  • recovering after discharge from hospital

Here are Home Freedom Devices and Services that
can give you some added peace of mind knowing that
you have access to help if you ever need it.

If you’re looking for more Features and Services in a Medical Alert to use outside of
your home, click on the button below to see our Go Freedom® options.

Let us help you choose the Bedford Solution that best suits
you with a complimentary consultation at your home.

Hospital and Government Healthcare Price Discounts and Subsidies may apply to you!
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