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Introducing The Bedford Stay Safe

The most technologically advanced Medical Alert Device available today!

As with the Go Anywhere solution, at the push of a button or the auto-detection of a fall, the Bedford Stay Safe connects clients with Bedford’s 24/7 Medical Alert Care Response team. Our team receives GPS coordinates, along with emergency signals, and is able to speak directly to the client through the pendant. Our responders are professionally trained and located in ULC listed response centers in Canada.

The Base Package, Bedford’s On Demand Location Service, with the Stay Safe allows family members and Caregivers to know the whereabouts of a loved one from a smartphone. By texting the word ‘TRACK’ to a number given to them, family members receive back a map and location. Up to five cell phones and email addresses can receive text alerts relating to battery level, and events such as falls and button pushes,

It is not required that an individual have a cell phone, landline, or internet for this device.
All one requires is a power outlet for the device’s charging cradle.

Mobile Text Location and Monitoring:

Bedford’s GPS Virtual Boundary Alert Portal Package, gives family members and caregivers an online control panel to set up virtual boundaries and to enable up to five cell phones or email addresses to receive text alerts relating to battery level, events such as falls and button pushes, and the detected entering or leaving of a virtual boundary. Family members can set defined ‘safe zone’ areas on a map, with a circle around a GPS coordinate. The family can then receive alerts when their loved one crosses that boundary. Up to three ‘safe zones’ can be set.

Portal Login: 

With Bedford’s Custom Safe Zone Monitoring Package, Bedford 24/7 Responders follow a special custom set of protocols with family members and caregivers when boundary crossing events are detected. This package is designed for individuals for whom exiting a pre-designated area should not typically occur.

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