The story below was originally published by Toronto Rehab Foundation (click here for link) in February, 2018.

Recognizing the growing demand to support our aging population, the new Bedford Medical Alert Education Awards aim to enhance the professional knowledge and skill development of clinicians in Toronto Rehab’s Geriatric Program.

Seniors make up the fastest growing age group in Canada. By 2036, one in four Canadians is expected to be 65 years of age or older. The Geriatric Program at Toronto Rehab’s University Centre is comprised of both rehabilitation and psychiatry services and includes Canada’s first dialysis unit for seniors in a rehabilitation setting. Care is provided by an interprofessional team whose expertise includes helping participants improve their mobility, balance and walking; optimizing the activities of daily living; managing changes associated with aging; addressing memory and cognitive problems; and managing chronic pain.

The first fund of its kind established for the Geriatric Program, the Bedford Medical Alert Education Awards will help advance healthcare knowledge and clinical best practices through the generous support of $25,000. This Fund will ensure that Toronto Rehab staff are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide the best care possible to enable patients to live safely and independently for as long as possible.

“At Bedford Medical Alert, we appreciate the hard work of Toronto Rehab’s frontline clinicians, with whom we share a common goal; to help patients live safely and independently at home and in the community,” says Robert Yelavich, CEO of Bedford Medical Alert. “The Bedford team is proud to help frontline clinicians whenever we can.”

We thank Bedford Medical Alert and the Yelavich family for establishing these awards to provide encouragement, recognition, and assistance to Toronto Rehab clinicians who wish to make incredible happen every day when caring for our Geriatric Program patients.


In the photo (L-R): Allison Freeman, Interim Manager of Geriatric Rehab; Arlene Boyce, Director of Development; Dr. Ron Keren, Medical Director of Geriatrics; Charlene Yelavich; Michael Yelavich; Alexa Roland; Robert Yelavich, CEO of Bedford Medical Alert; and Robin Shan, Program Manager, Geriatric Psychiatry Service.

The story above was originally published by Toronto Rehab Foundation (click here for link) in February, 2018.